Friday, September 26, 2008

1st Home-Made Cookie 4 Hari Raya 2008

4 Hari Raya Aidilfitri preparation thz year, with me at home, my ibu plan la nk wt sendiri a few kuih rayer memandangkn she nw got both of her daughters 2 help out (thz means my sis, Najwa n I), hehe. Last 2 years ibu wt kuih bt penat giler coz Najwa sorg jer ader 2 help out. If I remember correctly, the last time ibu, Najwa n I wt kuih rayer sendiri ws year 2003 when i went back home after SPM dat year (hm, abt 5 years then)

Btw, our first home made cookie 4 thz year's Hari Raya Aidilfitri is Chocolate Chip Cookies. Below r some of the pictures taken b4 n ongoing process of baking it>>

Yum~ chocolate chips~

Hazel nut is a must!

Mixing the ingredients.

The dough after all ingredients mixed perfectly.

Shaping the dough into small buttons n putting them on tray 2 b baked in the oven.

Huu~ oven only can fit in 2 trays at a time, so it takes a longer time 2 finish baking all.

Hhmm, yum~ fresh from the oven~

Haha, first try so the sizes differs a bit.

Chocolate Chip Cookies all da way DONE!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In da midst of Ramadhan

Ramadhan thz year best sket coz pose skali with family untuk one whole month~ 4 sure thz year mmg smtg different after a long while. B4 thz ms still lg kt kuantan n tronoh, kekdg tuh blk pn 2, 3 hari b4 rayer. My sis Najwa, would always cerita psl lauk or air aper ms sahur n berbuka. It really make me really envious back then n wish dat i was at home instead of at my room in UTP, reading all da ridiculously thick books (as if, haha).

Ms awl2 Ramadhan, it seems kinda ssh ar nk berpose. Hehe, maybe coz dok kt rmh make me overly used 2 eat something when i feel like eating (sbb tuh dh gemox) ++ dapur kt rmh tuh dekat jer n stock mknn pn ader.. hmm, kl dok UTP la cmneh, mmg dh lamer gemox thp max. Bt after a few days, dh okla. Besides, ley bukak pose ngan mkn + air sedap2 so it's worth da wait.

While tgh prepare mknn ntuk berbuka, kitrg tgk Sutera Maya - a drama featured inTV3 which bring forth a story of 4 sisters's (with different mothers) reunion with their father. Usually, x minat sgt tgk tv bt then thz drama seems interesting(n funny) so layan ar. So, u guys yg interested, check out thz Sutera Maya k~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It'z bound 2 happen...

My computer FINALLY "decided" 2 go useless permanently. I did mentioned in my previous post dat my laptop is facing a problem, rite. Well, now it'z not a problem anymore coz da laptop itself is considered K.O.!

Yesterday, when I tried 2 connect AC power to da laptop bt x jadi pape, I sorta lost my patience *sheepish shrugz*. Sad 2 say, da thing nearest 2 me (which happened 2 b da laptop I was desperately tried to boot up) received da consequences. In an act dat my lil bro said as "takut tuh, men hentak2" I successfully contributed a bit more towards its horrible death.

tuh sedey gaks, coz dat laptop mmg setia menemani during 4 n a half year undergoing degree, as mentioned in da previous post. However, it'z something dat'z bound 2 happen. Bende beli mahal2 of course r wanna keep it 4 a llloooonnng time kn, bt delicate things cmtuh x last long. I ws even rs fortunate sgt dat it even survived longer than it'z guaranteed period.

Bt then, terigt laks ader data yg teramat la penting in da laptop. Ms neh I g ar google cmner nk save kn data2 tuh (neh pn nk google ke, isk2). Then, g discuss ngan Iena (whom ader laptop yg samer) regarding da situation at hand (thnx Iena~ chuuu~) n hopefully dpt la savekn data tuh nnt. Nk beli bende komputer neh kena tangguh sket, nk usha2 dlu. Rite nw, pakai desktop rmh jer.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Laptopku TWINHEAD~

Ha, neh la laptop yg amat berjasa especially during 4 n a half years me undergoing degree in UTP. During da time i bought it, harge laptop mahal. Actually all techno thingz mmg mahal pn at dat time. Laptop neh i bought abt RM 4000++, in which ayah I belikn kt KL (luv u, ayah). Huhu. Nowadays, computers with better specz pn ley dpt way lg murah. One more thing, back then I also bought a pendrive (128MB jer pn) which cost abt RM 100++ , neh plak kirim kt kwn belikn, ntah r dier beli ktne. Skrg neh 8GB pn harge less than RM100. It's a good thing dat industri IT in Malaysia ader improvement =).

Hmm, n thz pic below is da laptop~

Nmpk lamer kn. There r times in which rs nk hentak thz thing kt lantai or throw it out of my room's window kt UTP tuh, whenever it started acting up. Huhu. ++ lg when i wz on da clock, with datelines 4 assignments n stuffz. My lovely Ibu n frenz especially Iena (whom owned the same laptop) did encouraged me 2 buy a new one, bt some things lead 2 another until I grad pn ngan laptop neh.

Neway, currently, laptop neh punyer AC connector wt hal, in which kena tune btl2 br bley connect da laptop 2 AC. Rs tensen gegiler arh.. coz battery laptop neh dh weak smpai less than 1 min pn xley nk survive. So, biler x connected btl2 laptop neh trs off, jz like dat. Maybe it'z a good thing, coz my ayah said I ws always in front of da laptop 2 da point of it seems like it'z an obsession 4 me n thz prob might let me prove he'z a tad bit wrong, hehe.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ehh... x update lamer giler!

Haha... dh terbacer some articles in newspaper psl blog neh, terigt la yg i actually gt one! Bley luper laks, heh. X update2 since my first post, so sad~. Bt it's ok, lps neh bley la update thz.

Byk stuffz yg berlaku, so x tau nk write which one. Definitely nk ckp psl my chicken pox (like bley x kena biler nk convo, so ngeng la) n my utp 2008 convo (woooottt, dh offically grad) n mayb ape2 jer r.